Saturday, March 20, 2010

Composition studies using Rembrandt

Okay, I must confess, I worship the ground Rembrandt walks on. He is my hero and one of my favorite artists of all time. He was a genius at chiaroscuro and compositions. If he lived in our time, he probably would have been an excellent film maker like Hitchcock, Kubrick, or Welles. Here are some paintings by Rembrandt that show how well he used light and other elements to stage his paintings.

Friday, March 19, 2010

watercolor figures

Here are some figure studies I tried in watercolor. Got the inspiration after seeing some watercolor studies of the figure by John Singer Sargent. Boy, is that guy brilliant.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sketches from Italy

Last summer, I had the chance to go to Italy on study abroad. I was there for six wonderful weeks of art, beautiful scenery, art, great food, art, wonderful Italian people, art, and all the drawing and painting time I wanted. Did I mention all the art we saw there?

I believe I can fly

In my advanced story boarding class, we had to board a moment from our life. I took a moment when I was ten years old and on a flight bound back to Salt Lake and I had the song, "I believe I can fly" going at full blast. Unknowingly began singing the song as high as I could, and before I knew it, the whole plane was watching me.

watercolor landscapes

Dream Giver story boards

These are a few boards from the project, "Dream Giver", a story about a creature who delivers dreams to kids in an orphanage and accidentally unleashes a nightmare on one of them. I was a story board and layout artist on this project.

Venus de Mario act one

This is an animatic that I put together for a collaboration project with an animation University in Uruguay. The project was called "Venus de Mario" and told the story of a no-armed woman who falls in love with a man without a mouth. I was a story lead on this project and helped compile gags and ideas into the story. This is the beginning of the story where the main characters, Clara and Mario, meet for the first time.

Oil Landscapes

I love to go out and paint a lot. It's a real therapy and escape from the world for me. It's a also a great exercise for the eyes. It really trains you to see the way an artist is supposed to see.

Figures, figures, oh figures

a few more gestures