Friday, March 18, 2011

Best in Show

I entered this piece in BYU's 2011 Life Drawing Show, and surprisingly, it won "Best in Show".

Portraits from Bob's class

Here's some of the latest work from Bob's class.

portraits from the workshop

A few weeks ago, my fellow animation colleague, Ty Carter, got Bill Perkins, the art director of Disney's Alladin, to come to Provo and put some of us through an intense three day workshop of painting. For three days straight, from dawn to dusk, we studied color, value, and light. Each painting was only 15 minutes to an hour. Here are some of those paintings. I am so grateful to Ty Carter for his friendship, and for his willingness to bring great opportunities like this to BYU. I also want to thank Bill Perkins for his willingness to come, and hopefully take one of his workshops again.