Sunday, November 28, 2010

Juanjo Guarnido Emulation- character and environment

Emulation assignment where we have to emulate an artist and create our own character and environment using it. For mine, I emulated the great Spanish comic book artist, Juanjo Guarnido. By emulating his work, I re-created the moment in the Roman Empire where Emperor Titus returns in triumph from the sacking of Jerusalem. Guarnido is best known for his anthropromorph characters from "Blacksad" so I did an anthropromorph version of the Roman Empire. (Titus is the tiger). I also tried playing with perspective a little bit, since we could all use a little work on that.


  1. Very nice, James--way to nail the atmospheric perspective on that background.

  2. I was looking at this in ryans office, yeah, awesome. I'd definitely read your version of a blacksad. Maybe you should do more comics on the side - being that your main thing is storyboarding (: