Friday, August 26, 2011

Bill Perkins Workshop

The great Bill Perkins came to Utah Valley again to conduct a week-long workshop. The first half was a color workshop, while the other half was a plein air painting workshop. Bill is a brilliant, kind, artistic man who is so willing to share his light with others. I'm grateful for men like him who go out of their way to pass on skills to others. I'm also grateful for men like Richard Hull, who even at his age, and even when he's retired, is still willing to attend these workshops and learn and further develop his skills. It's men like these two that are great examples for me in the field of art. Anyway, here are some of the paintings I did in the workshop.

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  1. These are gorgeous James! I agree, those guys are true artists...always looking to improve and always sharing all they know. I wish I could've been there this time! These turned out so nice